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GiERP is a cloud based solution specially designed to meet the specific requirements of Micro, Small and Medium sized companies looking for cost effective solution with clear transparency and ease of use. GiERP is a GIS Integrated ERP. This is beautifully designed with a magnificent Desktop look and with user friendly flow. GiERP enables user to login from anywhere in the world there by enabling the user to execute their business activities.

This is specifically designed to display the business reports on mapping system. Below are some of the magnificent features of GiERP. Workflow is another beautiful feature designed especially for the purpose of business process automation among various departments like Financial Management, Payroll, Human Resource, Purchasing, Project Management etc. in an organization.

Salient features:

  • GIS Enabled Information Reporting for Decision Making.

  • Map Based Data Representation provides ease of Analysis.

  • It’s one of the first of its kind in the history of Middle East, having a GIS integrated ERP.

  • It’s purely a Cloud Based ERP.

  • Application is available with a magnificent Desktop look and feel.

  • Budget Controlled Purchase Systems.

  • Efficient Stock Control Management.

  • Top-down Approach in reports provide In-depth Information about all transactions.

  • User friendly interface and relatively easy to manage.

  • Alert Management System.

  • Ensures Data Integrity and Security.

  • Ensures an accurate Audit.

  • Minimizes paper work.

  • Available in English and Arabic languages.

  • Workflow management system is seamlessly integrated for all the modules.

  • GiERP provides transparency to the management in all the modules.